Thursday, August 16, 2007


Paul is working too hard. After a night spent tickety-ticking on the computer, I feel obliged to stay up to chat when he's finally allowed himself to finish. The result last night was a way too late bedtime. That would have been OK if they kids had slept in, as they are prone to do lately, but Ted fell out of bed at 6am on the dot. Not only did he crash to the floor and wake Sam up, but he fell on the AC grate, cutting his leg. Much chaos ensued and we were all up. We ran errands and had swimming lessons (Mae had her 3rd week of actually enjoying herself!). Then Paul took the younger two home to nap and Ted and I went to Wendy's for lunch and chatting (and my new avatar pic! thanks!!), then on to TaeKwonDo, dinner, bike lock hunting, and finally, Rachel's "Cinderella" play. Brookie, Livvi and our neighbor Jacob were all in it too, so Ted had a blast. He's informed me that he wants to do this camp next year, if he can be the Prince. Hmm. In this production there were about 20 little girls and three boys. He might actually stand a chance! My son, the actor. Yikes!

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