Wednesday, August 29, 2007

busy busy

Today was busy. After Ted tortured Sam for an hour this morning, I decided he felt good enough to go to school, so off he went. He apparently had a great day. Sam stayed home sick today with a tummy bug...poor baby. My mom arrived around 10 and we hung out at home while the kids napped, then she got to see Ted's classroom when we picked him up. We went to ice cream with Brooke and Bailey (I think Bailey has a crush on Ted) and then pawned Sam and Mae off on Paul at 4:30 and headed back to school for a picnic for Ted's class. The kids all played together happily while the parents (and grandmother!) chatted. It went a little too late but it was fun. Now I think I have the tummy bug too. Grrr.
In bean news, I cooked my soaked beans this morning and came away with 10 2-cup ziplocks of beans, 9 of which I froze in the deep freeze. Tomorrow night I plan to use them for dinner...wonder if I'll be able to tell the difference. I also checked on my tomatoes today and was able to completely fill up a plastic bucket with cherry tomatoes! Hooray! This has been our 2nd official harvest of the summer. I sauteed them in some olive oil and garlic and served them over pasta with some homemade pesto. Mmm...

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