Thursday, August 30, 2007

High Maintenance

This is funny. I think the key words are soy (hippie) and espresso (high maintenance)...all other drinks result in clueless. It's still hysterical, and even funnier, true! My inputed drink had an espresso shot in it, thus I am high maintenance. Wendy and Paul had soy and theirs is so funny. This is my favorite line: Everyone who drinks
grande half caf soy mocha at 140 degrees should be
forced to eat a McDonald's bacon cheeseburger. Mine isn't that funny, but you've got to try it!

Sam threw up in the car on the way to Kindergarten today. Blech. He had a restful day today with a bath, a nap and general sitting around. I think we'll keep him home tomorrow too. He sat on my mom's lap at TaeKwonDo today, which was pretty sweet. The CSA pickup was extra special today because they had peaches for sale too. Mmmm. Then I went to Parent's Night at the preschool and out for sushi with my mom. I LOVE the JCC. I just love the atmosphere and, of course, Jeanne. They are having the kids sign in, so they will have practice writing their names every day. Too cute!! (Ted could have benefited from that!) Today Ted seemed to have a great day and had written a bunch of letters (not sure why) that were remarkably legibile! I'll have to scan the sheet. And his triathalon pics came in the mail, so I want to get them into a fun frame (Wendy, help!) Mom's turn on the computer. She had been so helpful! It's really nice to have another person to deal with the other 2 kids while one is freaking out. Come anytime, Mom!!

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