Monday, August 27, 2007


Sam had his first day of Butterflies today! Jeanne was Ted's teacher for both Caterpillars and Butterflies, so we are all super excited to have another year with her. Can you see Sam's dimple? He's showing Jeanne his Power Rangers birthday card from Katrina. Paul drove Gabi too and the two of them and Jason went to work right away. I LOVE how comfortable he is here. And now I realize when he was saying "I'm in my OLD classroom" he actually meant that he was in Ted's old classroom. The Pre-Ks and Butterflies switched rooms and Sam is literally in Ted's old Pre-K wolf classroom. Pretty cool!

Mae had a haircut today in preparation for her 2-year portraits, coming soon. I think I'm going to let it grow for a while (just get bang trims) and see how it does. She has such pretty hair and she's such a pro at the whole haircut thing now.

Poor Ted tried to stop and ended up slicing the back of his leg on the bike ride to school today. I think the Freiker 'ding' helped cheer him up, plus a bandaid. He was a bit bloody and we were late. The kindergartens go to the computer lab today! How cool is that?!

Jason, Sam & Gabi.

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