Tuesday, August 21, 2007


His bike looks so little next to the big kids'.

Day 2 Update. He emerged from his classroom with a big smile. According to Elizabeth, he did get in trouble (twice) today for hitting with a stick, but after talking with him (and the other offender), it turns out they were just playing swords, so no real fighting was taking place. Elizabeth couldn't get out of him if he was playing or was angry, so he must have gotten freaked out at being reprimanded. He informed me on the drive home that he can read now! (Mmm..hmm.) So they must be doing something! I so wish I was a fly on the wall. It will be fun to volunteer in the classroom, which I can start doing regularly in January. This morning Jaron read the morning instructions to Ted. There were some big words! "Find your self-portrait. Choose some crayons and take the time make your picture beautiful." Portrait and beautiful...and he just rattled them off like cat and bat. Cool. Ted told me that all he does at school is draw and he doesn't like to draw. Hee. Welcome to the world of paper and pen!

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