Monday, August 20, 2007

WOW crazy day

Where shall I start? Perhaps bullets are the answer. First, some highlights. I received two (2) phone calls from the school today. We lost all power from about 11am til about 7pm. Sam didn't nap. Both boys had meltdowns going to bed tonight. Everyone is snoozing at 7:30. OK, now the details.
  • 9:30am. Got home from dropping Ted off. Sam and Mae played beautifully outside with the hose while I folded laundry and wrote thank you notes.
  • 10:30am. Got a call from the school. "Ted is fine," Pam (the assistant) assured me right off the bat. "Did Ted wear shoes today? He doesn't remember and we can't find them." Got that cleared up (YES he wore shoes. Nut.)
  • 11am. Got another call from the school. "Ted is fine," Tanya (the lice checker) assured me. "He has a really dry scalp so we had to take him to the office to have Hope (the nurse/everything else lady) check him. Just in case he talks about having to leave the classroom, that's why." Oy. So it looks like my kid is barefoot and possibly lice-infested. Nice first impression! (BTW, they were checking all the K/1 kids for lice; grades 2-8 were checked last week. It's not that someone saw Ted and started shrieking "Lice!" or something...)
  • 11:15am. Power went off. We think the Starbucks construction may have had a hand in it.
  • 11:30am. Wendy arrived. The boys played really well together; Mae and Ariel did well too. Ariel REALLY enjoyed the water rocket.
  • 2:15pm. Wendy left and I woke Mae to go get Ted.
  • 2:45pm. Arrived at school and talked to Hope about the Freiker program, which we'll try to get up and running by next Monday.
  • 3pm. Joined the other moms for pick up. Had a nice chat with Holli again and the other moms.
  • 3:10pm. Ted ran out the door and into my arms with a huge grin on his face. Oh the hug! It was as awesome as the one I got in the airport after my China trip.
  • 3:40pm. FINALLY left school, after much playing by the kids and chatting with Elizabeth, his teacher, and the other moms.
  • 4:15pm. TaeKwonDo. 4 of the kids had had their 1st day of school today. They were all exhausted and low-energy but very obedient. They were supposed to get a stripe today for form but not one of them could get through it. It was pretty humerous.
  • 5:30pm. Got home to find the power was still out. Went to Walgreens to stock up on flashlight batteries and met Paul at Panera for dinner. No one wanted to eat so it wasn't pleasant for anyone.
  • 7pm. Got everyone in bed. Phew. What a day! The pic is of his teacher, Elizabeth, and Holli (Seth & Jaron's mom) after school.

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Wendy said...

Yay, you have power! I definitely think it was Starbucks, I saw a bunch of Excel trucks there on the way out. I think it was pretty wide spread, I heard the pool even had to close.

Sorry about the meltdown. We had a similar experience tonight too. Not. Fun.