Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday of the last week

...of summer, that is. After all, Ted starts Kindergarten next Monday. Today we had another Kindergarten playdate at Horizons. It was 110 degrees today. Nuts!! We stayed under a tree near the sandbox. Ted played with his buddy Max and a new friend, Will. I just cannot get over how NICE these kids are. After the playdate we went to the toystore. I secretly bought Sam his present from me (a K'Nex set) while the boys looked around. Then home for naps. We had a wildly dramatic TaeKwonDo day. There was a tournament this weekend. I talked with Ted and we both agreed he would do the Triathalon this time and a tournament next time. Well, one of the boys had a trophy from the tournament and Ted just couldn't handle it. He cried and cried and refused to do class. Sam had said he wanted to try class, but after warmups he didn't stay on the floor. So we left. I was incensed. But, after a mojito, I talked with Ted and we are OK now. Tomorrow he'll bring his Finisher's Medal to class and I've promised to take him to every tournament from now on. Sam...may not do TaeKwonDo til he's 5. We'll see. Tonight we played with our neighbor and rescued a morning dove that was sick. Tomorrow we'll take it to the Wild Bird Sanctuary in Boulder. The boys are in the bath now and will have an early bedtime.

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