Saturday, September 8, 2007

finally...a restful day

This morning the kiddos woke on schedule at 6:30. That is great with me...I want their clocks to be set to this time so I don't have to drag Ted out of bed every morning. At the same time, any earlier is torture. So this was perfect. The boys spent the morning building Star Wars Lego sets with Daddy while Mae griped. She was hot and miserable this morning and spent most of her time lying on the couch with a sippy of Pedialite, whimpering.

I took the boys to TaeKwonDo while Mae napped (and puked) and they did great. I am so impressed with Sam's cooperation. He is really into it, although he doesn't say a word. There are a few others who took a while to 'shout it out' so I think he'll get there. His total joy is enough for me! Then we got Ted a nice trim (hooray! We both explained to the stylist what we wanted and she did a great job keeping most of the length but getting the dried ends off.)

Then Ted wanted to build more Legos so we dropped him off at home while Sam and I went on my major errand of the day: picture frame shopping. Not only am I preparing for the pics I'm about to receive from Wendy, but I also wanted to create a 'wall' of pictures that I really love. Wendy has one in her house and I love it. Here is what mine ended up looking looks better in person, so come on over! I plan to add to it as favorite pictures pop up.

Mae was up from her nap and grumpy once again, but after she had a little more toast and Pedialite, she seemed to perk up quite a bit and started acting more like herself. While at Kohl's frame-hunting, Sam found costumes! Since I am all in favor of getting the most use possible out of Halloween costumes, I bought them, first phoning Ted at home to be sure he wanted to be a Transformer. Sam is the (new) Red Power Ranger and Mae has (happily) inherited Ted's Day-After-Halloween score from last year. Between their costumes, the music we could hear from Chili Fest going on at Community Park, and the Legos, the evening passed calmly.

My next task is over a year late - a shadow box with the outfit Mae was wearing when we met. I should have that ready sometime tomorrow, amidst the excitement of Sam's birthday party. Whew!

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Beth and Shayna said...

I am so sorry to hear Mae is sick. I hope she is feeling better. I love your picture wall. We have one, but I want to recreate it. I hope to see your wall someday soon.