Sunday, September 9, 2007

Fun Party

Sam's birthday party was simple and fun. We only had cake and no pinata or goodie bags, which pretty much removed any and all stress! I did ask Paul to make a Starbucks run for the 12 cup box because it was REALLY chilly. The kids enjoyed the bouncer although there was a lot more crazy sliding than jumping going on. Ted got pretty wild and eventually ejected from the thing (by me, not officially) but all in all, it was a good bouncer. Sam was remarkably calm this year. In years past I think he's melted down about something (don't all birthday kids?) but he was fine. A few people did bring presents, which was fun for him.

Just Friday, Sam told me he wanted a Power Rangers cake. Since Ted had one when he was 4, I thought it would be cool if Sam had one, so we went to Safeway to try and change it. Sadly, it was too late. We improvised and had a Power Ranger kicking the (gigantic) soccer ball. It all worked out and Sam was happy. The kids were riding bikes around and Zach H's dad told me how I could raise the pedals and bring the front handlebars in closer on Ted's bike. I think that might help a lot, so we'll give it a try. I came away from this party with the same overlying feeling, though, that it's better to keep the birthday party on or right near the actual birthday. It was weird celebrating it again, singing again, all that jazz. So, next year when his birthday lands on a Thursday, we'll have a Thursday afternoon party. Just to keep it simple.

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Beth and Shayna said...

Happy Birthday to Sam! It looks like a yummy cake and a fun day.