Saturday, September 1, 2007

Full Circle

I started this blog in late August of 2005, as a place to document Mae's adoption and other family events. I named it after a coffee store...of all my loves, coffee has remained constant throughout the years. It is always a treat. 2 years later, life is sorting itself out...Mae is settled in, Ted is in school full time, and Sam is a sweetheart. My newest obsession (actually, it started in February of '07) of eating seasonally and as locally as possible now takes the stage. One thing I thought would be hard was coffee. All coffee comes from far could I justify 2 cups a day? But, voila! Fair Trade to the rescue. The combination of Fair Trade Beans, a local roaster AND a local business add up to a pretty darn guilt-free cup 'o joe. Mmmm...

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