Sunday, September 2, 2007


Would you mess with this guy? Me neither!!

Sam and I drove to Urgent Care today (wow, deja-vu!) but by the time we got there, his intense stomach pain had gone away. He screamed for about 30 minutes so we decided to take him in, only to have it subside on the way there. Just as well!

This morning Marcia came over to teach me the Tot Shabbat service. I'll be Holli's backup in October. I hope she is well enough to lead it herself (oh, how we miss her!!) but just in case, I'll be there. Then Marcia and I joined the kiddos/dads at the pool. Ted was pooped! This Kindergarten thing is really making him wacky. We had another screaming, emotional day from him again today. Oy.

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