Friday, September 28, 2007

Giraffe Talk

Last night I went to Horizons for a K/1 Parents Meeting, explaining the Giraffe Talk/Non Violent Communication philosophy they employ a school. (A giraffe has the largest heart of any mammal AND because it has such a long neck, it can see 'the whole picture' of what is going on...thus it's name). The concept is similar to many I've heard about, but how sweet to use it with little take the TIME to use it with them. Rather than dismissing a child as being unreasonable, the teacher and the kids talk it out, with concrete steps. The kids LOVE this and are very good at it, BTW, according to the teachers. "What good does 'I'm sorry' do? It doesn't make the hurt child feel better. Talking it out and repairing the relationship is more important, and usually the kids part as friends." I love this school.

Today Sam and Mae are home for Sukkot so we are a-baking again! 2 batches of waffles, 2 loaves of challah and 2 batches of Easy Pleasin' Oat Bars are baked. Cleaning up the house and catching up with the laundry are also getting done. Tonight there is a Sukkot potluck at the temple that I'd like to go to, but both kiddos didn't nap long and Ted is having a full day at his friend Omri's. So, we're going to pick him up around 3ish and I'll try and glean how his emergy is. I almost feel like just coming home, but that's not very celebratory. Tomorrow we're hosting a Sukkot party, so that will be fun. Sam wants to bake pumpkin bread...more baking! Tomorrow is Ted's testing for his Tiger Belt. Sam is going to wait til next cycle to test. Should be exciting!!

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