Friday, September 7, 2007

is that a wig?

Our neighbor hadn't seen Ted in a few weeks. Ted was running down the street chasing Sam, his crazy hair wild in the wind. I'm going to try and get him in for a 'trim' this weekend...perhaps a professional can tame those locks!
Mae had fun at her first PALs of the school year. Oh boy will January be sweet! Bittersweet though. I've been in a PALs class, more or less, for 4 years. It's such a gentle introduction to the world of preschool. Sam is having such a blast at school. We've heard this before but again we heard what a leader Sam is in his class. His class made pink challah today (his class is the Pink Spidey (as in Spiderman) Butterflies. He and a little friend dropped by the PALs classroom today, completely covered in flour. It was so cute.
Tomorrow I'm going to take the boys to TaeKwonDo in the morning. We don't usually do the Saturday morning bi-monthly classes, but since I don't think we'll be able to go on Tuesdays with swimming, this will be a good way to squeeze an extra class in. Then Sunday is Sam's birthday party at the park! As usual, a ton of people are coming and it should be a blast.

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