Thursday, September 6, 2007

So many pictures, so little blog space...

Today was quite a day, to say the least. Ted had a great day at school today and actually played with a boy (Omri) he hasn't mentioned before, so I am happy that he's branching out. Plus he's Jewish-always a plus! We were 5 minutes late today because we rode to school in the RAIN and that made us both very cautious. It was worth it...what a great feeling, to be hot and sweaty but feeling the cool rain on your face and was good. Plus it REALLY wakes Ted up. My mom brought me an article about an Asian country (can't remember which one, perhaps Japan) where the kids run a mile (literally) after every subject. Apparently the test scores shot up once they started doing that, linking oxygen to the brain to learning development. All I know is that Ted was a whiny, sleepy mess in the car and by the time we neared school, he was racing me and winning!
I took Mae and Sam to have their 2 & 4 year portraits taken by le photographe extraordinaire, Wendy. Mae was extremely uncooperative, but she also started puking this afternoon, so there's part of the reason! These are my absolute favorites. I think Wendy is such an artist. She's captured not just how cute my kids are but their personalities too. I love them.

After all that excitement, the kiddos napped and then Sam and Ted had TaeKwonDo. Sam was SO CUTE. He completely participated and followed directions in class. He had this precious smile on his face the whole time, only made bigger by a PAPERCLIP at the end of the class (they get paperclips for attendance but can be denied one if behavior is really poor). Here he is getting his white belt and saying the Tiny Tiger creed with Ted. Could he BE any cuter?! I sure hope age 4 is as sweet as age 3.

And last but certainly not least, I asked Wendy to create a collage for Ted's Triathlon. I love the clean look-just like a race poster.

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Beth and Shayna said...

I love all of the pictures they are so great! I hope things go well for Ted's white belt.