Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I've been a little 'under the weather' lately, and as a result haven't been on lately. Mae still has her chesty-cough, but is getting better and had a spectacularly happy day today (after a 2+ hour nap at 9am when she wouldn't stop screaming at me). I was very excited to get my copy of the newly released Eat, Drink and Be Vegan from one of my favorite cookbook writers, Dreena Burton. After reading through each and every scrumptious-sounding recipe, Sam and I whipped up some Mellow Hummus and the Tamari Roasted Chickpeas. Both were fabulous-and Sam actually liked the hummus which is a first for him. It is VERY mellow...I think the addition of cashews helps smooth out the flavor for little ones. The chickpeas were wetter than I expected, but still delicious.
I cooked my favorite VwaV Chickpea Spinach Curry (with lentils instead) for Randi's family tonight and we stopped by the Indian grocery for samosas and naan. I hope they liked it- we love love love that recipe. I found the hing powder at the grocery too, so I can't wait to cook it yet again to try this special ingredient.
Tuesday night I did get to my 2nd TKD class. It was HARD. We did 3 sets of 25 pushups and crunches, besides a crazy amount of laps. I was tired yesterday and today my arms and abs are killing me!! The class was fun though and I learned a lot. I get really pumped up so it was hard to go to sleep and every harder to wake up this morning. As I mentioned, Mae needed her nap early and I took it with her.
Today Ted asked for my help in writing in his journal. On Tuesday he has written "I have a 2nd loose tooth!" and today he wanted to write "I had a sprinkle cone!" He loves exclamation points. He has some pretty cool drawings above some of his was all about a ship and the energy it takes to fly through space...very detailed, which is new for him. He talks about how to write letters, what words rhyme and how to spell things all the time...I'm so relieved that he is enjoying this and not feeling overwhelmed. His friend Alex wrote the word "knights" phonetically as 'nits' which is SO PERFECT. I think this is such a neat time and it's so fun to experience their discovery of language. It's so powerful for them to GET IT. We've also been freiker-ing every day and I think it really helps him start the day off right. It's a pain to get out the door at 7:15 (every morning starts off well and ends with lots of crying and screaming about not having time to play) but when he runs into his classroom, tosses his backpack into his cubby and sits down at his table to start 'working,' I know it's worth it. On that note, I should get to bed!
Tomorrow I hope to have some pics!

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