Sunday, October 14, 2007

Eating Out

As a family, we don't eat out. First off, it's too expensive. But the true reason is that our kids (Mae excluded) don't particularily enjoy eating, which makes it even tougher. I can't remember the last time we purposely ate out at a restaurant as a family. 6 months ago? 9? This afternoon Paul wanted to go to Red Robin. They have superb (veggie) burgers and fries, as well as a good kids menu. And it's a nice family place. I have vague memories of going here last year after the Pumpkin Patch and having it be a disaster. Well, it was fine. Mae snarfed her food, Sam mostly drank juice and lay on us, and Ted...Ted did every activity on the little kid menu. ("Oh! I forgot to eat!" he said when we were packing up.) He was completely absorbed in the activities. Here's his name. You can tell he needed to go to the line below to fit them in, so I just put it next to it. If Kindergarten means that going out is as simple as some paper and crayons, bring it on! (Note: he's NEVER been interested in coloring, whether at a restaurant or a home, but he does like to write. Cool.) He always writes the 'd' correctly, so not sure what the 'Teb' is about, but I think it's cool that he can write his last name. We had a discussion about what the 'e' was doing too...after all, you don't say it. Oh, the complexities of English. Or German, in this case.

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