Friday, October 19, 2007


Fridays are half days for Ted and today we had Sam's Parent Teacher Conferences at the JCC while Mae had PALs. The conference was a joy, as always with Sam. He's happy and 'tuned in' to school; he includes all the kids in his play and is, in general, a joy to have in the classroom. WOW what a difference from his baby personality! We knew all of this, but it's fun to hear anyway. Ted's 1-hour individual Conference is the 30th. It's 1 hour of the student 'presenting' his work to his parents and teacher, in lieu of formal grades. Should be interesting! After good naps for everyone, including me, we got dressed for Shabbat. I LOVE this dress on's from a fun Matilda Jane Trunk Show a friend had a few weeks ago. I really think the clothes are beautiful and well-made, plus it's nice to have some 'unique' outfits. I sang with Holli on the opening song tonight and that went well, so I think I'll be fine next month.
We have a busy weekend -TKD for the three of us and then a bday party for the boys. Sunday is Sunday school and another bday party for just Sam while I have an event at the JCC that I'm helping to coordinate. *yawn*

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