Thursday, October 18, 2007

From the mouths of babes

Today Mae got a Halloween card from her Huaihua sister, Sophia. There were stickers inside and Mae had a great time peeling each one off and sticking it on herself. She was doing this on the way home from TKD when she exclaimed, "Oh MAN!" I looked back and a sticker had ripped coming off the paper. I cracked up and so did the boys. "Is that funny, Mama?" she asked. That REALLY cracked us up. So now, she'll do something silly like drop a toy and say "Oh MAN!" and if I don't laugh, say, "Say is funny, Mama!" She is a hoot.
Tomorrow are Sam's conferences at preschool and Tot Shabbat. And today at my TKD class I went through my whole form. It's a cross between yoga and dance, I think. I'm not too good at either but I'm enjoying the challenge. "Sabanim Kamsahamnida."

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