Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Wrap Up

Well, it's 7:30pm and the Trick or Treaters are slimming down. We had a rush of 'tweens' around 6:30 (?) and another rush of babies at 7. Interesting. The boys had a BLAST. Daddy took them with our neighbor Oliver and his sister Elise. Their goody bags are overflowing and they chose a lollypop for their treat tonight. I've already swapped Ted's milk chocolate for dark or non-chocolate all-together. We're going to turn off the porch light at 8 and put them to bed. Mae is sick and went to bed at 6pm, missing it all. Considering she screams in terror at Halloween displays in the stores, this was a good thing for everyone. I hope she gets better soon...she's a goopy, coughy mess.
Happy Halloween!!

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5-4now said...

Sorry Mae was sick! What a bummer... :( Hope she feels better