Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Keeper Share!

Abbondanza has stopped the weekly share and we are into the bi-monthly Keeper Share. We received a delightful variety of onions, potatoes, squash and greens, plus a lovely carving pumpkin! I have the potatoes and squash in the basement and onions and garlic in a cupboard. Bring it on! Tonight I fixed a disappointingly dull stew, called "Sloppy Lenties." It has (not local) red lentils, local greens, tomatoes, onion and garlic, and some spices. It's not very interesting, but oh well! So, 2 meals this week have been intentionally local. I think with the cooler weather and the Keeper Share this will be a fun time to be local. I wish I could get local beans...I don't think we get too many from Abbo, although we may get some.

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Kim said...

This looks great, Ellen, even if it seemed dull. I love a good bowl of lentils.