Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pumpkin Patch, finally!

Paul took the morning off and we went to the pumpkin patch. Sam had seen a patch on the way to preschool (the sneaky squirrel way) that had ghosts and wanted to go there. It was mild compared to the crazy circuses that most of the patches are now, which was nice. And we were the only people there for a loooong time, which was also nice. They had lots of scarecrows, witches and ghosts and a great corn maze. They had a good market too but they only took cash, so we were limited (who carried cash around anymore?!) Besides the 2 humongous pumpkins, we had to try a package of Boulder popcorn. We'll pop it up tomorrow (in a frying pan? How do you pop REAL popcorn? Oh, child of the microwave that I am...) while waiting for Trick or Treaters. Speaking of which, when in the history of Halloween has it been in the 60's at night? If tomorrow is anything like the last few days, it's going to be gorgeous!! I hope Paul can get home fairly early and we can all go out. What a great Fall this is! Happy Halloween! More cute pics on moeltini.

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