Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ted's Conference

Ted's conference was at noon today. The kids had prepared little 'Fall Conference Guide" books that helped them lead the conference. The book is already printed out (We write in our journals.) and the child has drawn a picture of himself doing that subject. So, first thing we did was read through Ted's journal. The differences since the beginning of the school year are so cool. At the start he only drew pictures. This progressed to short sentences that were simple letter to letter, like "Ihavealoosetooth!" By the end, his writing was (for Ted) much clearer and he is separating his words now "I have a 2nd loose tooth!" Way cool. Next up was We learn about numbers and math. This was where I was most curious and also most impressed. They do tons of math games with blocks and cubes, writing the answer down at the end. Once thing that was cool was when Elizabeth put 10 cubes (that were attached) behind her back and took away 3. How many are left? 7...without missing a beat. Count to 10 by 2's but start at 3...3,5,7,9...no problem. My mind does NOT think this way! There were lots of worksheets on math that were obviously accompanied by these dice etc. "Roll 2 dice and write the sum." Connect the dots, by 5's. That kind of thing. Cool. Next was art...more stuff here than I've collected in the 3 years he was at preschool! I'll scan in my favorite of a fairy with blood dripping from his mouth. Nice. (scanned in 10/31!) Computer and Spanish were touched on briefly, then DEAR time and library. Elizabeth noted that he always chose hard books...books that, in my personal opinion, are chosen for their pictures rather than their subject matter, "The Stone Fey" for example...wha???? Then recess and choice time. The last page says My favorite time of day is (and he filled in...) recess. Hee.
It was informative and fun and I'm very happy that he seems to be doing just fine. Clearly miles behind the girls in the class but seemingly right on with the other kindergarten boys. And he's happy. I love Kindergarten!

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