Monday, October 29, 2007

a day off means busy

Why is that? Today Ted had a playdate with Alex. Guess what they did for OVER AN HOUR?! They colored. This floors me. I can count on one hand the number of times Ted has ASKED to color, and they would all be in the last month. Too cool.

Tonight we had Brooke and Bailey's family over for dinner. They are so nice and all the kids played beautifully (if loudly, thanks to the boys). Horizons has such nice families. Next on my list is Peter's family. We're hoping to rope them into playing bridge with us! This was nice for Mae too; the girls LOVE her and she has been very annoyed at their attention. Tonight they played so well, so I expect she will be much warmer towards them in the future, which will be nice!

Tomorrow is Ted's conference at noon. Paul has taken the morning off and we're going to (finally!) get to the pumpkin patch!

Mae is feeling under the weather. The thermometer says she's fine but she feels slightly warm and clammy to me. She had a terrible night's sleep last night and dozed on and off on couches all day. Poor thing.

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