Sunday, October 28, 2007

Yummy Local Eats

I can't rave enough about the fabulousness and easy prep of Honey Baked Lentils. Amazingly nourishing and comforting. DELICIOUS. And extra yummy with a side of sauteed tutsoi from the CSA. Our honey is local too, from Fort Collins, so this was a good local meal. Flours and Beans remain the two products that I can get from within a 100-mile radius, but would prefer to source closer to home. This meal is going on my repeat list. Yum.

Today was Family Day at Sunday School. I brought Sam and we enjoyed a mini class with Ted, an adult Torah class with Rabbi Rose, and finished with a visit from two dogs from the Humane Society. The Noah's Ark story is leading the Kindergarten class into the mitzvah of protecting the animals. At the end, we all took a family photo and the kids decorated them with a yarn rainbow and animal stickers. On the back, we put Ted's pledge to help the animals. Literally, he wrote, "LOOK 4 strays!" hee.

This afternoon I took the boys and Ole on a hike near our house. We got all the way up the hill, about a mile up, which is WAY farther than we've ever gotten with them before. Ted brought his bike and did some biking on the trail, which he liked. It was really nice to be out with them for about 2 hours, just walking and talking and looking at everything on the ground. Ted has the next week off from school for Conferences, so we will be enjoying the later mornings this week. Ahhh...

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keeta said...

I'm so glad you liked the lentils! It's one of our favorites - so easy and delicious.