Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Beans!! (and a simple local dinner)

Shanan (our CSA's fearless leader/owner) and I sent lots of emails today and yes! we are going to get beans, starting in 2 weeks. Cherokee purple (like a kidney but way better), hopi black (turtle), anasazi, two different garbanzos, lentils, white, Indian woman (gold,
wonderful like a pinto) and two other types! I'm so excited! Besides squash, I think beans are so fundamental in our winter meals...we're almost through the squash from our Keeper Share from 2 weeks ago and we only got 4 today (one was this cool, rare Blue Ballet - definitely T-day worthy!) I plan to do a load of cooking tomorrow, mostly baking the squash & pies for our T-day feast. Hooray!

A simple dinner of sauteed CSA bok choi & mashed (mixed types) CSA potatoes with leftover Punk Rock Chickpea Gravy. MAN I love that stuff!!

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