Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Big Swimmer!

Tuesday is swim day for all 3 kids. For the past 2 weeks Mae has been swimming in the baby class without me, which has been great for me but a little weird for the other parents who are in the pool! This week, we happened to get there WAY early and Judy had her do the "big kid class" with 3 other 3 year olds. She did great! She was a bit weepy at the beginning, but did just fine and was very happy to do the 'big slide' just like Sam. Ahhh...after 5 years of doing the Hokey Pokey, I can sit and chat and enjoy all the kids loving the water.
In other news, I broke my first board at TKD tonight (just a white one, not hard, but it was still cool!) I'm all ready with my gift giving list this year (think homemade, think kitchen, think local...mmmm) and my little "root cellar" in the basement is all settled. Baskets are already full of potatoes, squash, carrots, turnips, beets, onions and garlic. Bring on the winter. It's especially sweet to not have to get cold and wet every Tuesday!

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