Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Eggs in a Nest

On Monday, Mae and I went out to purchase our pre-ordered 4 dozen eggs from a local 'egg lady' I had met at the Boulder Farmer's Market this summer. Paul needed a light dinner because he is playing SOCCER again tonight! (His team was on hiatus while they changed owners at the soccer field.) So, I went to Kingsolver's Eggs in a Nest, a recipe I've tried in the past and only found so-so. Of course, I wasn't using all local ingredients, or even the RIGHT ingredients. This was superb. Very tasty and very easy. It will be fun to prepare this dish again in the spring when greens are in rich supply. This was the last of our rainbow beautiful. So, CSA rainbow chard, onion, garlic & carrots and local eggs (notice the different colored yolks? Two were dark orange and two were dark pink. Both were delicious.) The rice wasn't local...need to get on that, although we don't eat a lot of rice. YUM.

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kale for sale said...

The Barbara Kingsolver book changed my eating life too and I cooked eggs in a nest so many times earlier this year my husband began to not like it and I stopped but it's time to reintroduce it - maybe not three times a week like before though!