Friday, November 9, 2007

Caterpillar for an hour

Today after PALs, Mae stayed in the Caterpillar class while I went to get Ted and Caroline's kiddos. I was supposed to take Ted's friend home too, but he was very sad about it and ended up going home with his dad. We got to Shabbat Sing and Mae ran to me, which was super sweet. Caitlan and Osi said she did fine and she seemed content. She did fall all the way down from the loft (ow!) which REALLY upset her, and she crashed right away in the car, but in general, I think all the reading and talking we're doing about preschool is doing it's job.

Tonight Ted has his very first sleepover at his friend Brendan's from chavurah. It will be very strange not having him here!!

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