Thursday, November 22, 2007

Eat Local Thanksgiving 2007!

What a delicious and fun Thanksgiving meal! The Hackels came, including Anna and "Momo Rivka", which made the holiday festive and noisy! Ted, Sam and Henry played together so well. Mae and Henry played together well too...good times.
The local slant of our meal came off deliciously, IMO. Here's the run-down:
  • Lentil & Golden Squash Pot Pie: CSA squash, onion & garlic
  • Mashed Potoatoes with Punk Rock Chickpea Gravy: CSA purple and golden potatoes, onions & garlic
  • Garlicky Kale w/ Sesame-Tahini Dressing: CSA kale & garlic
  • Family Recipe Traditional Pumpkin Pie: CSA pumpkin; delicious as always!
So, to wrap up, every dish was planned to use the CSA bounty we receive. It was a fabulous meal and very local. I consider it a success. Next year, with access to local beans and flour, I hope to make it ALL local (except for olive oil & spices, which if bought Fair Trade/organic, is at least a step.)

Ted made a beautiful card at school and had written what he was thankful for: Toys, Mom & Dad. I am thankful for so much!! At this point, the wonderful food we have access to and the precious family and friends in my life are the high points. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


Vanessa said...

What a great Thanksgiving menu!
I love the idea of a Pot Pie as a centerpiece dish and it just seems to me that using as many CSA veggies as possible is in the proper spirit of this celebration of harvest and thanks-giving.
Do you use pumpkins for your pie? Foodblogger lore has it that butternut squash puree makes a better "pumpkin" pie. Any thoughts?

Ellen said...

Thanks Vanessa!
I used sugar pumpkins and the end result tasted just like the canned variety, so I don't know. I like saving my butternut for butternut squash soup (roasted squash, red onions and apples...mmmm)..