Saturday, November 3, 2007


Friday started out well. After getting Sam off to preschool, I roasted some pie pumpkins, onions and garlic for a pumpkin soup I was planning to fix for our local dinner. Well. Sometime around 1pm, I started feeling...woozy. I thought it was the smell of the roasted pumpkins (which I thought I liked but...) so I got them packed off into the fridge and started my challah. By 4 I was a puking mess and just tried to lie down as much as possible until Paul got home. I went to bed about 6 and slept in til 8ish this morning. I feel better today but not good. I hope I lick this soon! Mae is still sick with a cold and cough, but so far the boys are hanging in. We started Winnie the Pooh tonight and Ted really liked it. It's a bit more tedious than I remember as a child, but maybe kiddos like that. In any case, it's fun to read that to him since I loved it so much myself. Here's to a non-nauseous Sunday! And I think I'll get around to the pumpkin soup on Monday.

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