Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Local UnTurkey Day

Another challenge! 100 Mile Diet is doing it's 2nd Local Thanksgiving and of course we're going to join in! This is actually going to be pretty easy, since we (so far) haven't been invited anywhere and so will be preparing all our own food. And since we're vegetarian, it'll be mostly local produce, although the spices won't be local. Hopefully, we'll get some local beans in the next CSA share and then everything will be local for the big T-Day. I love Thanksgiving. I love the foods and I love that it's a truly American holiday.

We're also going to sponsor a Turkey this Thanksgiving (I don't like using the term adopt so freely. Adopt-a-road, adopt-a-turkey...not so P.C. in the "real" adoption world). Here is "our" turkey, Feather. Cutie.

In other news, I am over my flu (whew!) and Mae has slept through the night the past 2 nights (!!!) so she is on the mend as well. What a week that was. Ted is happy to be back in school and is 9 stars away from his GOLD Victory Patch in TaeKwonDo. He is really working hard at home to get things written on his "Good Deed Sheet" for the week. Between attendance, the weekly sheet and general good behavior in class, he is averaging 2-3 stars per week. Mr. D is going to start him in Sparring at the Yellow Belt, which he is SO excited about. Nothing like suiting up in a huge puffy red suit and using weapons! This is really up his alley. My dad is coming for a visit next week and besides seeing the boys, he'll get to see my class too! I had a great class tonight and am really enjoying it. Sam hasn't been as into it lately, but that's probably age-appropriate anyway. Luckily, he is still a huge sweetheart. End of update! :-)

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