Wednesday, December 19, 2007

from my farmer...

This last item (a root vegetable) has surely caused some confusion amongst some of us. No, Celeriac is not a turnip turned Rastafarian! For one thing turnips don't grow dreadlocks, and second, for those who ventured to actually taste this alien looking root, the taste is remarkably different! Celeriac is a member of the Apiaceae family, related to carrots, dill, and celery. The taste is closest to celery; in fact, another common name for celeriac is Celery Root. To use, simply peel off the long roots and the skin until you are left with a round, snow white root, and chop into small pieces or grate. Celeriac goes well cooked in soup lending it's sweet earthy flavor to the broth. It is also good grated and eaten raw in salad. You can make a root vegetable salad with grated carrots, beets, and celeriac, and a little lemon juice, or your favorite dressing. I hope that helps, it's really a wonderful mineral rich vegetable, just one of those that has fallen out of favor due to the commercialization of agriculture.

Good to know, because I had no idea!

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