Monday, December 24, 2007

Fun Monday

Today everyone slept late (ish) and we headed to Denver to the museum, as planned. Ted and Paul saw the Black Holes movie and everyone had a good time at the standard exhibits. Space Odyssey had a really good simulated, futuristic Mars astronaut demonstration going on that kept all 3 kids plastered to the Plexiglas for the full half hour. Dinosaurs and the play area were also big hits! On the way home, Ted pulled out his Disney Mix Stick and crooned away. One of his Hanukkah presents, the Mix Stick is a kid-friendly MP3 player (or, MP3PO, as Ted calls it, a la Star Wars). Paul loaded All American Rejects and some Ween onto it for him and he loves it. I think Sam might appreciate one too, so he may get one for his birthday next year. Ted's is the Pirates of the Caribbean design. Hee.
A nice day. Tomorrow we are going to (heh) Alvin and the Chipmunks and then back to our house for Chinese food with our chavurah. Should be a fun day all around. To those of you celebrating Christmas, have a wonderful holiday!!

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