Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunday...NOT the day before the work week!

For our Local Meal tonight, we had a lovely winter spread. I had started the No-Knead Bread last night and spent naptime roasting (all CSA) butternut squash, red onions, garlic and apples. The resulting soup (my MIL's recipe) is warm and comforting. I also wanted to try the suggested root salad, with grated (all CSA) carrot, beet and celeriac. The bread was 2/3 whole wheat and 1/3 white this time and it got a little crisper than I remember (can't wait for the Dream Share to have access to local flour!!) but I think I can just cut the baking time a bit to adjust. The soup was more garlicly than I remember...perhaps a result of the HUGE garlic cloves the CSA provides; they are at least twice as big as the grocery store ones! I'm glad I doubled the recipe and have a batch in the deep fridge. The salad was ok...not amazing but good and crunchy. I only tossed in some lemon juice so tomorrow I'm going to try some of our favorite homemade Sesame Tahini Dressing (from VwaV) and see if that perks it up.

Today started out peacefully, with the boys playing nicely together, but quickly escalated into screaming, crying and time outs by 10am. *sigh* We got them bundled into their snow gear and went to a nearby dog park, where Ole romped with other pups while the kids played in the park. After naps, everyone was in a much better mood. Ted spent much of the afternoon cleaning the house (i.e. gathering stray toys and finding homes for them) and earned $2.50 for his endeavors! He is now obsessed with "chores" and "allowance" so we may look into that.

Tomorrow we are going to go to the Nature and Science Museum and give the Space Movie another try. Last time both Sam and Mae flipped out. It should be a rather quiet day there, I'd expect. I'm not sure how much time Paul is taking off (he can take off as much as he likes, but the reality remains that he has a lot of work to do, period) but it is a wonderful feeling to know that Monday is still a vacation day.

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