Sunday, January 6, 2008

Lots of cooking

Today was a good day. Sam and I started our day baking banana muffins (sprinkled with flaxseeds) for breakfast. Then for dinner I really wanted to try Veganomicon's renowned Chickpea Cutlets, using our CSA Indian Woman Beans. I actually FORGOT to add in any spices! Duh! And it is tribute to the recipe that they were fantastic anyway! Amazing. I baked them and topped them with the Mustard Sauce ... equally stellar. Paul really liked that sauce. Mmm. We also had steamed broccoli and EDBV's Potato Squashers (CSA potatoes). Another yum there. It's like mashed potatoes only easier. Mmm. In the oven are Granola Bars by the Dozen. I'm hoping the boys will like those as much as the Z-bars.

Today Ted and I went to Boondocks to check out Laser Tag for his birthday. It was a hit. Invitations will go out soon. I can't believe he's almost six years old!

Tomorrow is Mae's first day of preschool!! She is excited and made sure to remind me to pack her "hewwo kwitty wunch box." My camera is all charged! My baby is going to school! (Hooray! hee hee.)


ehc said...

Good luck to Mae on her first day of preschool!

Trixie said...

School!!! Oh my!! Don't you dare cry and get her started. How very exciting :)