Saturday, January 5, 2008


Paul made fun of me tonight for settling down in front of the fire with a (cook) book. Doesn't everyone read cookbooks at night? It's funny. When I first got into cooking, about 2 years ago, I was thrilled to find so many delicious recipes on line. Now, with over 10 vegan cookbooks on my counter that I use daily, I have really found my favorite cookbook authors. Isa and Dreena are my favorites, hands down. Isa appeals to me with her Jewish wit and NY City references. Dreena makes me smile with stories of her two young daughters and homey "let your children help in the kitchen" feel. Both create fantastic food!
A small group of us from our Birth Class (I know, a bizarre way to meet people but we've been friend for almost 6 years now!) get together monthly for dinner and chatting. We had a little gift exchange in December and Nathalie graced me with the most amazing cookbook to hit the presses in years. Veganomicon is the end-all be-all of Isa's style. VwaV is my favorite cookbook of hers, but this huge tome has so many other amazing dishes too. I would have put myself on the 50+ waiting list at the library to eventually get my hands on this ultimate cookbook, but it's all mine! The only problem with Isa's recipes is that she uses many non-local ingredients, because she is in NY and has ready access to them. But some of them, many many of them, will grace our table this year. Mmm.

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