Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Turnips for lunch!

I'll admit it. I hadn't touched the turnips. I have a recipe I'm going to try that is a type of mashed potatoes with turnips. Not too inspiring. However! One of the blogs I love, Straight From the Farm, had a recipe a few days back for Caramelized Apples and Turnips. Intriguing. Anything with caramelized in it is bound to catch my eye. With 10+ pounds of turnips wilting in the basement, the least I could do was try! They are FANTASTIC. The apples mush into a sort of applesauce at the bottom of the pan. The maple syrup lends a sweetness to the otherwise bitter turnips, yet the dish isn't overly sweet. The turnips stay crisp and yet not crunchy. It is also easy and takes all of 5 minutes. YUM. Since I ate the entire bowl for lunch today, I think we've found a real winner. YUM!

Mae had another good day at preschool today. No crying and apparently even spoke a few words! She was very happy to see Eve and Nathalie and played with them all day (they weren't there on Monday). She hadn't touched her lunch, which sounds more normal to me! After picking up Ted, we took her to the doctor to check out the cough she's had for 3+ weeks now. Turns out she has a (rather severe, been there awhile) double ear infection. Her lungs are clear and her throat isn't overly red, so the cough is a mystery, perhaps the start of a viral thing that led to the ear infection. She's on Amoxycillin (the only antibiotic we know of that she isn't allergic to) and we have a recheck in 2 weeks. Apparently Ted was thrilled to be back in school; his teacher told me he was SO HAPPY all day long. I'm so glad! When I picked Sam up, he was dressed up like a king with a red cape and king's crown on. He is suddenly into dress up (at school) and takes it very seriously. hee.

Tonight we had the leftover (fabulous) Lentil Buttercup Soup, with homemade samosas and Paratha from our local Indian grocery. Mmmm...


Jenn said...

Lovely post, Ellen! Great picture too! So glad you enjoyed the recipe. :-)

- Jennie from SFTF -

kale for sale said...

Great picture! And I'm going to try your squash and spinach soup blogged above. Thank you.