Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Happy Swimming and Yummy Eating

Sam and Mae had their first swim class of the semester and both had a blast. Mae was a bit tentative at the start, but warmed right up and was actually jumping up and down in the water, on the castle, laughing out loud. I had to take a pic of that!

Sam and Jason are in their own class, with a girl who joined them from another class today. They had a good time together. Jason is a really good swimmer, so I think he will be a good example to Sam.

After swimming, I took Ted to The Water Horse with Seth and Jaron. It was VERY intense but beautifully done. It had some deep stuff in it that I hope escaped Ted's radar but it was so good. We both loved it.

For dinner, I wanted to try Veganomicon's Smokey Tempeh and Collards. YUM! Delicious marinade. I've never been a huge tempeh fan (prefer my homemade seitan) but this was quite good. And the smoky, garlicky marinade really worked with the collards. It was also very easy. So, a definite repeat.

During dinner prep, I fixed the kids' lunches. Holy assembly line! Ted requires a lunch AND a snack (he eats every bite and is starving by 3) and both Sam and Mae now need a lunch too. Thank goodness Paul fends for himself! After the kids were in bed, I tripled our well-loved Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins from Vegan Lunch Box. Mae has Snack tomorrow and everyone loves these, so we are set! Phew!

A good day. The kids played nicely together this morning and we finished up our thank you cards (well, I had them started a week ago but wanted the kids to do some writing (or scribbling, in Mae's case) on them to personalize them). Ted took this VERY seriously. So cute. Tomorrow everyone will be at school! I plan to drop Ted at Kindergarten, run with Ole, get a coffee and come home to shower. Wow! How lovely.

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Anonymous said...

Ellen...where did you get the jucie boxes? I had one for Caleb's lunch & the lid broke.