Tuesday, January 29, 2008


We're back to cold temps again. It was a warm weekend so this is a low blow! Tonight for our local dinner we're having a repeat of Mellow Lentil Sniffle Soup (EDBV) and cornbread with glazed Chipotle Onions from Veganomicon. And because half of this meal is going to a sick friend, we also felt the need to bake some Chocolate Chip Cookies (Vive!), because, it just seemed right! All that's missing is a side of spinach, which I'll pick up at Wild Oats (here is the "not available locally, so go organic" caveat that I can't STAND but have to do for greens. Next year, I vow to blanch and freeze more greens!!!!)
I'm tired. Ted had a hard day at TKD today and I'm frustrated for him. Tomorrow is skiing. Today's class was canceled because of the high winds (they closed the lifts). I hope our class can go tomorrow!

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