Sunday, January 27, 2008

Birthday Weekend of Fun

Good weekend. Friday we had a restful afternoon (complete with ice cream after school) and a quiet Shabbat at home. Saturday Ted and I spent the morning at TKD (I am SO SORE) and I got a delicious nap in. Then Kristen came and Paul and I headed to Tandoori for our favorite dinner. Then we saw Sweeney Todd. Wow! I've seen this, taught almost every song, and this was good. Bloody. Gory. Nothing left to the imagination, that's for sure! But good!!
This morning was Sunday School and a few of us went to breakfast. Mmmm. Then another nap! And then I took Sam to a bday party while Paul took the other two to Evie's bowling party. Except that we didn't realize it was a birthday party. Oops! We'll be getting a prezzie to her soon. I hate when I do that. Wendy made me some cozy socks and some truffles!!! Hee! And Heather gave me some absolutely divine-smelling bath stuff. Between my girlfriends and my coffee cards from family, I am set!

Here is Mae's bento for Monday. Smiling bear and giggling bunny onigiri with shoyu in bunny bottle. Skewer of yellow pepper, 4 tiny cookies, 2 yellow bunny skewers of marinated tofu, flowered kiwi (my first time...they are so neat!) and a heart-shaped silicone cup of beet salad. I had to rearrange a bit to close the lid but I think she'll like this. It has all her favorites. The only thing not in here that she might miss is the edamame, but on Friday she didn't like them, so I think they might have been past their prime. Fun stuff, this.

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Beth and Shayna said...

Happy (belated) birthday to you! I am glad you had a great evening with Paul. Many more years of love, happiness and health to you my fellow aquarian.