Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hello Kitty

I was planning to do an Elmo bento for Friday's lunch (to use up that red pepper from the Hungry Caterpillar!) but my cute little Hello Kitty onigiri mold came today! (I just love how these little things trickle in from Japan, a day or so apart. And wrapped so beautifully. And everything so TINY and adorable!). So I went with the kitty. She was harder than she looked. There aren't any indentations in the mold so I'm not sure the spacing was really right. But I tried! The red pepper bow was really hard and it actually looks better for real than it does in the pic. Still working on my circles with knives! I later added red pepper strips on either side to hold her in place. The top holds 2 skewers each of kiwi chunks and edamame. 2 Morningstar corn dog halves, shoyu in fishy and a little cup of Chinese shrimp chips and one tiny chocolate filled cookie. I hope it stays together!

Tomorrow should be fun, relatively. Ted and I are cleaning tomorrow so Heather is going to take Sam and Mae home. Mae has it all set in her mind. "Heh-vuh pick you up. Give you pink gum! Mommy be at home." I tell you, nothing phases her.

My birthday is Saturday and I have 3 days of delicious celebrating ahead. Saturday Paul and I are going to a movie and dinner at Tandoori Grill. We used to go there all the time when we lived in Boulder. Sunday the moms are taking me to coffee and a delicious vegan breakfast at the Walnut Cafe during Sunday School. And then Monday a group of moms are taking me to lunch at Hapa Sushi. I hope I can handle all the delicious post-food letdown!

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