Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Local Smorgasbord

Today was another cold one and all the kids were at school. So after Ole and I had our lovely hike I got cooking. Because I knew Paul was going to be out tonight, I decided to just do up a bunch of my favorite sides. I used all local onions, garlic, turnips, squash and apples. First up, the Beet Salad from the ashram. I had to buy beets because mine are GONE!!!! but they were Colorado-grown. Then my new favorite, Apple Glazed Turnips. I tried another ashram recipe for a Butternut Squash spread but I really didn't like it. Too garlicy and too raw (sharp?) for me. That was a bummer. I also drank copious amounts of the delicious CSA Holy Basil Tea. YUM! The boys and I made (not local) brownies for dessert. It was such a yummy meal. All I have left are 4 squash, potatoes and onions. I think I am going to reserve Wednesdays, Fridays and weekends for cooking and begin breaking out our freezer meals on Mon/Tue/Thu. I don't like to touch them ... they are my security blankets. But I think those meals will get us through February and March with at least 3 local meals a week and then... Then! The Farmer's Market and the CSA will start up again!
And a cute pic of Sam at preschool, just because. He is so funny. And so serious about his play. I absolutely LOVE these pics the school sends us. It's so nice to have a little glimpse into his day.

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