Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cheetah Belt

We did it! Ted is a Cheetah Belt now (Yellow Belt Decided) and I'm a Yellow Belt. Ted did GREAT. What was most apparent this testing was how sure of himself he was. He knew his form, one steps and self defense. He didn't get ahead of his floor judge, but it was clear that he knew his stuff. Last time he was more just copying. It was cool to see.
I did great on my form but messed up my 3rd one step. It was a long night with 2 girls getting their black belts but we made it through. I've really enjoyed the last few intense weeks of getting ready for testing. I earned a 4th stripe for my White Belt material, so this is a new goal for me (keep up the low rank material - this will make black belt testing easier ... someday...)

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