Saturday, February 16, 2008

Pumpkin Saag

Don't skip the pumpkin! This was not very good and I can't blame Isa, so I think it was my lack of pumpkin. Heh. Pumpkin Saag from Veganomicon required 2 pumpkins. I only had one (freezer) so I subbed in a buttercup squash for the other. The result was not sweet enough and too squash-y. Still good, but not great. I'll try again with canned pumpkin (I'm officially out of pumpkin! I made it to mid-February! still lots of other squash left though..mmm) because it smelled like pumpkin pie while cooking. This was an all-local meal (CSA pumpkin, buttercup, onion and garlic). Locally brewed Fat Tire beer rounded out the meal! Our other local meal this week was my favorite Roasted Kabocha Squash Soup. This time I was even lazier (if that's possible for such an easy recipe) and just used water rather than veggie broth. Big mistake...the flavor was too onion-y and just not flavorful enough. Plus without the freshly toasted squash seeds, it was even duller than usual. Some (local) goat cheese helped perk it up. Next time, veggie broth all the way! This local meal used CSA kabocha, garlic, onion and local goat cheese.

We had a deliciously lazy Saturday. Sam is sick so we indulged him with plenty of Pokemon movies, Vitamin Water and Popsicles. He seems about 90% tonight. He has a truly amazing immune system. He is hardly ever sick and when he does finally fall victim to something, he is usually over it in 48 hours. We all got good naps (Ted played by himself, a talent he has always had for which I am constantly grateful!) and plenty of book reading and computer gaming. Lazy day. Tomorrow should be more of the same. Ahhh...

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