Thursday, February 21, 2008

A is a house!

Sam is very into writing his name lately (Sam M., by the way! There is a Samantha in his class.) He discovered that he could draw a house in his "A." Paul pointed out that this was probably one of the first things he's created, rather than scribbling and then telling us the story. He's done faces before, but never much else, so this is cool! He spends a LOT of time with this wonderful writing pad, that Ted received as a Holiday present from Elizabeth when he was a year and some. It's held up beautifully and we even have the 4 shapes that go in the side. Now that Sam can write his name, Ted and Mae's name, Mom and Dad and Ole, he is a writing fool! So cute. And I'm happy that I think this emergence is just as exciting the 2nd time around. :-)

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