Thursday, February 21, 2008

on the mend

We are alive! Sam still has a lingering cough but feels fine. Mae was coughing yesterday but seemed fine today, if incredibly grumpy. I'm going to send them to preschool tomorrow. I need a break! Ted is the only one still truly sick, and he doesn't have school anyway. We'll take a mellow walk with Ole and play more games at home. We played a lot of CandyLand and read a lot of books today. It was a fairly sweet day at home with him, because we spent a lot of time together. The late afternoon was pretty unpleasant, so we put the kids to bed at 6. Ha ha. Mae's bento is disappointingly un-cute, but it is at least stuffed to the gills with food. There's no way she'll eat this all. I'm beginning to understand why the smaller size boxes are more popular with children. She's got a mini red pepper, blueberries, a Morningstar corndog cut in half on bunny skewers, Fruity Booty in the green square, one Girl Scout Thin Mint in the pink heart, some broccoli, sugar snap peas and a still-to-be-determined animal yaki onigiri. (I couldn't figure out what it was so I just made it up. I think it might have been an elephant that got squooshed.) None of us went to TKD today so I am off to practice on my own! Songahm 3 is cool. And really quite easy, I can tell. Woo hoo!

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