Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mini Reunion

Whenever Kate's family travels to Colorado to visit, the rest of us get together for a mini 5-family reunion. As usual, this was such a wonderful, special evening. Seeing the girls play together so happily, catching up on all that's happened since our last reunion, planning for our next one, and just hanging much fun. The girls, of course, have changed so much. Except for one thing. Every single time we take a couch photo of girls sans mommies, we get the SAME reaction. From left to right: Angelina wonders what the fuss is all about, Kate gets the giggles, Caitlan cries for Momma, Mae sulks and looks miserable, and Zoe mimics the faces we crazy adults are making to try to get them to smile! How funny. Maybe when they're older they'll all smile!
Then again, look at the moms! What, I wonder, am I doing? And what is Colleen (Caitlan's mom) thinking? Bwa ha ha. What a great night.

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