Thursday, February 28, 2008

2 Years Ago Today

Remember? We will never forget. What a day it was.

In more mundane detail, I spent the day in bed with crazy severe nausea and accompanying headache. Or vice versa. It's sort of a chicken and the egg story with me. If I take headache medicine, it makes me nauseous and if I'm nauseous I throw up the medicine. So, which is the true culprit? Sam and Mae played REALLY well all morning while I dozed, puked and sucked on Pedialyte Popsicles (YUCK!). I started feeling better around 2pm and by 3, human! We spent the afternoon at TKD and I even ate dinner - my first real meal all day. I still feel oogey but I know I'm on the mend. Blah!!

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