Saturday, March 1, 2008

Spring Ski

Wow. Today Ted (and Rachel) had ski school from 10-3 and I had a private lesson at 1. I learned how to get down a yellow hill without crashing! It was very empowering. I met up with Ted's class at the bottom of their last run (a blue run!) and we went back to the lifts for a few more runs. This is a picture of us on the lift. I went up with him for the first two and it was fun to watch him go down. He's so graceful. According to his instructor, he is to practice turning and stopping with parallel skis, not a wedge anymore (i.e. french fries, not pizza!) He did two more runs on his own (because I was too chicken to go up the green lift) before FINALLY agreeing to be done. Ski passes went on sale today and since Ted is still 5 today, I was able to score him the 5 and under pass....way way way way cheaper! Rock on, me. Today we skied without jackets. Spring skiing rocks. This video is of one of his last runs with me. It's pretty bad (camera video) but the slopes were pretty dead by 4pm, so he's the only one coming down. What a fun day.

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