Sunday, March 23, 2008

a date with Mae

The boys had Ninja Night last night, so Paul and I dropped them off and went to Japango with Mae. We haven't gone out to dinner there with a child since Ted was 13 months old. She was a ROCK STAR. They had an ADORABLE Kids Meal on a little Japanese divided plate (so so cute) that we ordered for her. There were 2 chicken items on it and they subbed in edamame and another inarizushi for those 2. So she had 2 inarizushi, some edamame, a fish stick, a juicy orange cut up, and a "yogurt flavored soda pop" drink (?). She actually took about 25 minutes longer to finish her meal than we did! We could have ordered another round. At one point she said, "I LOVE this place!" Hee! I think this might have to become a Ninja Night tradition. Mmmm!

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